• Reynolds Valveart is an all Australian manufacturer of pure valve guitar amplifiers.
  • There are no Printed Circuit Boards, no transistors, op amps, integrated circuits or optoelectronic devices used.
  • All amplifiers are individually constructed and tested extensively during construction and upon completion.
Using the time honoured assembly process of tag/turret boards, point to point handwiring and extreme attention to detail, combined with the chassis mounting of all valve sockets, switches, jacks and potentiometers results in an amplifier of guaranteed tonal integrity and reliability.

We do this for the joy of it - no other reason.

It is a passion for tone and for the colours and flavours only available from vintage circuits and their derivatives which drives us.


1. The chassis is constructed from galvanised steel with welded seams. It is then powdercoated for secondary anti corrosion protection. Aluminium chassis are optional.
2. The cabinets are solidly constructed from structural grade plywood with extensive reinforcing. Combo cabs are made from Box Jointed Pine
3. All electronic components are mounted on turret boards or tag strips.
4. Wiring is done by the "point to point" method using heat resistant, silicone insulated, multistrand wire.
5. All valve sockets, jack sockets, switches and potentiometers are chassis mounted.
6. All amps are electronically tested during chassis assembly. Upon chassis completion they are biased and test run for 24 hours at high output. After fitting to the cabinet and final completion they are tested again and output and response checked.
7. One person individually assembles each amplifier.